Office 2013 Direct Download Links

Download Office 2013 Disk Images and Language Packs

The following links point to Digital Rivers Azure storage. Digital River is Microsoft’s service provider for e-commerce. For more details, please refer to this press release. So this is an official download channel, and you can be sure to receive setup files that are virus-free, secure, legitimate and untouched.

To verify the integrity of your downloads, you can check with MSDN. You’ll find SHA1 and ISO/CRC check sums there. The site requires login with a free Windows Live ID.

Product English
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65189.iso X18-65190.iso X18-65191.iso X18-65192.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65700.iso X18-65701.iso X18-65702.iso X18-65703.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51531.exe (old)
X19-32633.exe (new)
X18-51532.exe (old)
X19-32634.exe (new)
X18-51534.exe (old)
X19-32636.exe (new)
X18-51536.exe (old)
X19-32638.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51530.exe (old)
X19-32632.exe (new)
X18-51533.exe (old)
X19-32635.exe (new)
X18-51535.exe (old)
X19-32637.exe (new)
X18-51537.exe (old)
X19-32639.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65375.exe X18-65376.exe X18-65377.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65889.exe X18-65890.exe X18-65891.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65443.exe X18-65444.exe X18-65445.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65957.exe X18-65958.exe X18-65959.exe

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